aaron r connor

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aaron r. connor is a visual artist from Minneapolis. He studied studio arts at the university of Minnesota and works in a variety of medium including oils, pastels, ink, color pencils, watercolor and digital photography.

Artist’s Statement: Photography became a project while battling depression and PTSD about 2 years ago. Initially, an endeavor into macro-photography, I had intended to take 4 pictures every day in search of and to remind myself that there is still beauty in the world. At first, it felt safer to focus on the aesthetics of texture but as time drew on, my experience in other mediums (watercolors, pen & ink and oils) began to shape and influence my choices in composition and color.

I feel that the function of art is to demystify our shared right and ability to express ourselves and to appreciate beauty. For instance, I tend to see and think in metaphors which is reflected in the generating of titles for the pieces. However, I oppose the notion that art should be esoteric; that the appreciation of aesthetics and art should be obstructed by the constructs of false hierarchies.

That said, all of the photos displayed herein were taken with my phone and edited using only Instagram. This is a conscious decision on my part to use relatively rudimentary, readily available tools to create and share my art. Ultimately, my intentions are to connect with other people and to serve as a catalyst for others to rigorously examine the seemingly mundane world around them. I don’t shoot extraordinary subject matter. My goal is to relate to viewers the beauty that is inherent in the present moment when we take time to examine that which is all too often, taken for granted.

My sincerest hope is that you are moved and that we are in some way connected for this shared experience. Thank you for being here.

-aaron r. connor